The $GIF token, represented by the symbol $GIF, is the native cryptocurrency of our streaming  platform Built on the Base blockchain using the ERC-20 standard, $GIF fuels various activities and transactions within our ecosystem, and aligns incentives between Creators and Users in the short-term and long term.


GIF is a protocol designed to revolutionize engagement and interaction on the GIF social streaming and interaction platform. To do that, $GIF will reward audience members for their popular celebrities, and align on $GIF’s purpose is to develop the current streaming and social media concept, taking it from a one way distribution system to a co-create symbiotic

By accomplishing this, GIF fosters a vibrant community where users can connect, interact, and be rewarded for their participation, co-creating expansive entertainment experiences for creators and their audiences.

Token Utility

The $FIG token serves as the lifeblood of our platform, offering users a multitude of utilities:


Users can stake $FIG to participate in our innovative influence lottery system,
increasing their chances of winning valuable rewards.

Purchasing Gifts/NFTs

$FIG can be used to acquire virtual gifts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from our marketplace, allowing users to express appreciation and support for their favorite streamers.

Participation in On-Site Gaming

Users can leverage $FIG for participation in on-site gambling activities, adding an element of excitement and entertainment to their streaming experience.

P2U (Pay To Unlock) Content

Users can purchase access to digital content that Creators have broadcasted on public or subscriber-exclusive channels.

Earn $GIF/Points/Creator Coin

Gate rewards behind owning $GIF/Points/Creator Coin

Token Distribution

To ensure a fair and sustainable distribution of tokens, we have allocated $GIF as follows:


12% of the total token supply will be allocated to the presale, providing early adopters and supporters with an opportunity to acquire $GIF at an initial

Team Tokens

20% of the total token supply will be reserved for the team, incentivizing ongoing development, maintenance, and enhancement of our

Ecosystem Allocation

The remaining tokens will be allocated to the ecosystem, dedicated to fostering growth, community initiatives, and strategic

The ecosystem allocation is divided between

Liquidity Mining


Phase 1: The Dawn of $GIF
Coming Soon: The $GIF token makes its debut! Crafted with the ERC-20 standard, this isn't just a token; it's your new way to engage, appreciate, and support on the Base blockchain.
Phase 2: Unlocking Possibilities
Up Next: Dive into the $GIF ecosystem! From staking $GIF for rewards to purchasing exclusive NFTs and unlocking special content, your journey into the future of streaming starts here.
Phase 3: Engagement Reimagined
On the Horizon: Get ready to mint, mine, and co-stream. Your influence grows with your engagement - creating a dynamic, thriving economy where everyone's a creator.
Phase 4: Governance and Growth
Future Forward: $GIF isn't just a token; it's a voice. With governance at its core, your stake in $GIF means a say in our future, from platform enhancements to community initiatives.
What's Next?
Sustainable Innovation Continuously Evolving: Our roadmap is just the beginning. With ongoing enhancements to tokenomics, engagement strategies, and governance, we're committed to a platform that grows with its community.

$GIF: The Spark of Revolution

$GIF: The Memepocalypse Coin

They rule the money. We rule the lulz. The suits think they control everything. Banks, governments, the whole damn system – rigged against you. But we, the memers, the crypto rebels, are done playing their game. We’re building a new order fueled by laughter, community, and a giant middle finger to the status quo.

The Meme Illuminati: Architects of the Rebellion

orget rebels hiding in smoky backrooms. The Meme Illuminati are the masterminds behind this glorious uprising. Crypto geniuses, meme lords, and freedom fighters fed up with the status quo, they saw the potential in Base to ignite a revolution. They forged $GIF, not just a coin, but a weapon against the TOGs (The Old Guard), a beacon of rebellion in the vast, digital galaxy.

Why Base?

Base is our hidden fortress. Built on Ethereum’s foundation, it’s both secure and primed for rapid deployment of our most chaotic memetic creations. This is where we plot, experiment, and unleash the full power of the meme against our oppressors.


$GIF belongs to us, the ones who see through their lies, wield humor as a shield and believe in the power of a collective voice amplified by the digital landscape.


Strap in. This isn’t a pleasure cruise through the galaxy. This revolution will face cosmic storms! But who craves a predictable journey anyway?

The Meme Army:

Our strength lies in the community, the ones who forge the sharpest memes, rally like-minded rebels, and fuel our fight with shared laughter and unwavering defiance.

Empowerment of the Underdog:

$GIF is for the misfits, the dreamers, the ones ignored or exploited by the system. It’s your chance to claim a stake in this new order, take to your memes, your GIFs, your discord channels, and your tweets to raise your voice in a galaxy that often tries to silence it.

The Old Guard Has No Chance:

The suits may cling to their outdated systems and regulations, but we wield the power of the meme, the tenacity of the rebel spirit, and the raw energy of the internet. This rebellion will sweep through the galaxy, fueled by every keyboard strike, every shared meme, every act of defiance. They can try to stop us the spirit of $GIF is unstoppable.

This is your Call to Action:

Join the Meme Revolt. Seize the Future. Claim Your Stake with $GIF. MEME out, Mutha Fuckers.

Join Us

Be part of a future where streaming and social interaction empower and reward every participant. $GIF is more than a token; it’s your ticket to a new world of digital engagement.
Ready to Be Part of the Revolution?

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