SOCIFI - A globally recognized company
launching a blockchain-based Marketplace for
Sponsored Data
and other sponsored products and services.

Selected Marketplace Brands

MicrosoftCoca ColaNuevo PudahuelPepsiUber

ICO takes off on February 22, 2018

Token Sale DetailsSOCIFI ICO

Solution & Technology Partners

GemaTata CommunicationsEquiis

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Our Vision

Our ultimate dream is for every smartphone owner to be able to install the SOCIFI Engagement Solution (SES) and cover their mobile data expenses by interacting with the sponsored content.

Our Mission

Mobile Data is an asset. Until now there was no ecosystem which enabled to take full advantage of its value. There are a few ways how the Mobile Data can be sponsored. The ad-supported model is the most promising one. Our mission is to unlock the potential of an Ad Sponsored Data and open fair blockchain-based Marketplace.

Why support the SOCIFI project

Through the ICO, and based on the number of ETH/BTC/LTC invested, you will receive a number of GIF Tokens which serve as vouchers providing an access to Sponsored Data and discounted SOCIFI services. GIF Tokens will be tradeable on major crypto exchanges.

Effective and Proven solution

SOCIFI is a trusted company providing expert WiFi Monetization solutions, already operating in 67 countries and having thousands of clients. The foundation of our advanced, state-of-the-art solution has been evolving for over 3 years.

Established Company

SOCIFI was established in 2014. The company started as a small startup and developed into the global company that it is today. During this time multiple angel investors and Venture Capital companies such as Rockaway Capital and Keiretsu Forum invested in the company and helped it to grow from local to global.

Senior Team

Team filled with experienced professionals with undeniable results in their areas of expertise. Organized, in detail planned structure of development that resulted in a large number of already successfully completed international projects.

Already operational & proven solution

Project Stages

We will launch our blockchain-based Marketplace in multiple countries in stages seen below. Read more in our comprehensive White Paper.

White Paper

Download the SOCIFI White Paper in English. Get complete comprehensive information about the GIF by SOCIFI ICO. The White Paper contains, among other, the FAQ section which will answer the hottest questions you might have and a detailed description so you understand our business model as well as the functional side of the SOCIFI GIF Reward system. Feel free to share our White Paper with your friends, colleagues and partners.

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ICO Details

Token name
Gift token (GIF)
What does this token represent?
GIF represents the value of sponsorship (data/reward gifts) and the tool that advertisers (sponsors) can use to obtain media space and/or SOCIFI products and services, and which will be used to transform the reward to end-users (subscribers) and peer to peer data gifting (one user can send a specific amount of data to another as a gift).
GIF Tokens will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.
ICO Schedule
Pre-sale period starts on December 8, 2017 and ends on February 22, 2018 at 1:59 p.m. CET. Crowd Sale starts on February 22, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. CET. (= 5:00 a.m. PST, 8:00 a.m. EST, 4:00 a.m. MSK)
Total supply
Total supply of GIF is 5,000,000,000 (five billion) Tokens.
61% will be sold in the ICO.
39% will remain with SOCIFI.
Hard Cap
$ 47,900,846

The Hard Cap will be fixed in Ethereum on February 20, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. CET. Any amount in USD following in this table will then be calculated into an amount in Ethereum with the fixed rate.
Accepted Contributions
Contributions will be accepted in Ethers (ETH), Bitcoins (BTC) and Litecoins (LTC)
Minimal Amount of Contribution
100 USD, the amount will be fixed in Ethers on February 20, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. CET. (= 5:00 a.m. PST, 8:00 a.m. EST, 4:00 a.m. MSK)
The rate of GIF Tokens is 5,053.43 GIF for $100. For early investors, a discount system is designed, so different rates apply for each phase of the ICO.

PhaseTokens / $100
Stage 16,162.72
Stage 25,614.92
Stage 35,263.99
Stage 45,053.43
Rate with BTC or LTC will be calculated based on the current exchange rate with ETH at the moment of the transaction.
Discounts and Bonuses
Stage Discounts:

Stage 118%
Stage 210%
Stage 34%
Stage 40%
Quantity Bonuses:

0 - 250,000 GIF0%
250,000 - 1,250,000 GIF1%
1,250,000 - 2,500,000 GIF3%
2,500,000+ GIF5%
Unsold Tokens
GIF Tokens allocated to Pre-sale or Crowd sale, which will not be sold, will be airdropped (used as vouchers) in the same way as GIF Tokens allocated to SOCIFI (as mentioned above).
GIF allocated to SOCIFI and GIF sold in the Pre-sale are subject to a vesting period. These GIF will be locked from entering the market to ensure price stability and dedication of the SOCIFI team and whitelisted investors to the project.

GIF allocated to SOCIFI Ops
5% of GIF (27,500,000 GIF)1 month after the end of the ICO
20% of GIF (110,000,000 GIF)6 months after the end of the ICO
30% of GIF (165,000,000 GIF)9 months after the end of the ICO
45% of GIF (247,500,000 GIF)12 months after the end of the ICO
GIF allocated to GIF Foundation
5% of GIF (55,000,000 GIF)1 months after the end of the ICO
20% of GIF (220,000,000 GIF)6 months after the end of the ICO
30% of GIF (330,000,000 GIF)9 months after the end of the ICO
45% of GIF (495,000,000 GIF)12 months after the end of the ICO
GIF allocated to SOCIFI
30% of GIF (90,000,000 GIF)9 months after the end of the ICO
50% of GIF (150,000,000 GIF)12 months after the end of the ICO
GIF sold in the Pre-sale
842,238,054.5 GIF6 months after the end of the ICO

Budget & Token Allocation

Budget allocationBudget allocation

SOCIFI Core Team

Sidney Zdenek HornychSidney Zdenek Hornych
Tomas SilnyTomas Silny
CVO (Chief Visionary Officer)
Josef HaziJosef Hazi
Lucie Kasparova EbnerovaLucie Kasparova Ebnerova
Managing & Legal Director
Viktor JanecekViktor Janecek
Chief Marketing Officer - ICO & Communication
Karel FillnerKarel Fillner
Blockchain expert
Dusan ZabrodskyDusan Zabrodsky
Business Development
Jan Tony CepJan Tony Cep
Digital Media & Communication Expert
Vojtech KijenskyVojtech Kijensky
Head of Research and Development
Michal OzoganMichal Ozogan
Head of Front-End Development
Jiri SimecekJiri Simecek
Head of API & Back-End Development
Petr ChroustovskyPetr Chroustovsky
Full Stack Engineer
Vojtech KleteckaVojtech Kletecka
Back-End Developer
Lukas MiarkaLukas Miarka
Onboarding Engineer
Jan SkvarilJan Skvaril
Full Stack Developer
Eva KleckovaEva Kleckova
UI and Graphic Design
Vit HabadaVit Habada
Back-End Developer

Marketplace Core Advisors

Daniel SenkyrDaniel Senkyr
Keiretsu Forum
Tomas BudnikTomas Budnik
Former CEO O2 Czech Republic
Jaroslav KleckaJaroslav Klecka
Finance Expert & Auditor
Pavel BrabenecPavel Brabenec
Investment Director Telco&IT at KAPRAIN Holding
Viktor FischerViktor Fischer
Rockaway Capital
Zulfiqar KhanZulfiqar Khan
Tomas MaradaTomas Marada
Blockchain expert
Joey GutierrezJoey Gutierrez
Managing Partner at G2 Wireless
Frederic DingemansFrederic Dingemans
Head of Mobile Money Enablement at Tata Communications

SOCIFI Investors

Rockaway CapitalKeiretsu Forumand angels

Our Product

Complex Marketplace

SOCIFI Marketplace Overview

SOCIFI has developed an advanced monetization solution for WiFi partners across 67 countries through a proven and sustainable business model. Now, we're approaching a new era with Initial Coin Offering. Thanks to your support, our monetization solution will be converted into a transparent, blockchain-based Marketplace that anyone can benefit from. Every Marketplace active user can regularly gain Mobile Data which can be used in LTE, 4G and 3G networks. Mobile Data represents the freedom, access to communication, and education. We believe that everyone should have access to unlimited mobile data and we are here to provide it.

Simplified Flow

Simplified Flow

Marketplace Flow

In the following chart, you can see the Marketplace ecosystem and the rewards gifting flow. The blue parts of the Marketplace ecosystem are already developed.

Marketplace Flow

User Experience - UX
Great UX in complex systems is the key

We have developed a unique SDK (mobile app) with a strong focus on user experience and user interface. We named it the SOCIFI Engagement Solution (SES). The SES doesn’t display annoying ads but provides a unique solution that is closer to communication on Social Networks than to traditional digital advertising.


To learn more, please download the White Paper in English.

For Crypto economy

  • Raising awareness of cryptocurrencies for large corporations such as MNO’s & Media Agencies.

For People like you and us

  • Make Mobile Data more accessible for everybody.

For Publishers & Sponsors

  • Open source, transparent and fully auditable solution for any Marketplace.

Get free GIF tokens as a bounty reward

Tell about SOCIFI GIF ICO to the community

We believe in a decentralized economy and cryptocurrency community and we want to give our early supporters the opportunity to get involved in making this happen. We have set aside GIF Tokens for several bounties which we will distribute to everyone who supports our project.

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